Group Homes and Operators

Group Homes and Operators

Medication Management Program

Medication Policy and Procedures are customized with the specific needs of your program in mind. To help ensure your staff administer medications safely to your patients, we will help with accreditation, perform site visits and complete audits to ensure high standards are met. Medications are delivered in compliance packaging to aid patients in adhering to their regimen.

Medical Practice

Our panel of physicians and practitioners work alongside us for the betterment of health for your patients and community. Aside from family medicine, walk-ins and overall well-being, they also specialize in the Interim Federal Health Program which provides limited and temporary coverage of health care benefits to protected persons (including resettled refugees), refugee claimants and certain other groups.


Training curriculums are developed with your policy and procedures in mind. We combine our classes with lectures, scenarios for hands on training, role playing and incorporate quizzes along the way to assess staff comprehension.

Medical Devices

yYoung can supply your team with various PPE including ASTM Level 3 Medical/Surgical masks and an electrolyzed water generator that helps deodorize, clean and sterilize homes, hospitals, schools, and vehicles.

Alkaline Water and Clean Air

Alkiss® is committed to reducing our carbon footprint by utilizing recycling programs and AQUAZON™ appliances. We can install point of use water filtration systems and air purifiers so your patients can have clean air and fresh water to take with their medications.

Specialized Medication Packaging

Powered by TCG Rx, our machine produces customized medication packaging that promotes adherence and assists front line staff to administer medications safely.

Free Delivery

We offer same day or next day delivery of your medications, health and beauty supplies, personal protective equipment, and our naturally sourced water.

Clinical Pharmacists

Our staff are here to provide advice on medications and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to provide optimal care tailored to your patient’s needs.

On Call Services

yYoung pharmacists are available after hours as an additional support for your group home staff.

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