Mr. Jason Pang

Mr. Jason Pang

Business Development Manager
  • Title :
    Business Development Manager, MBA
  • Location :
    Vancouver, B.C., Canada


Jason Pang received his MBA from The University of Ottawa in 2001.

He received his certificate from the Business Strategy of Business School at Harvard University in Oct. 2016.

Jason played a key role and core element in the strategic planning and management position for one of the largest insurance groups in China. He was an Executive Vice President of the group and oversaw both domestic and overseas investments for over 12 years. While in the management role, he relocated from Beijing to Hong Kong for three years, Sydney in Australia for one year, and Seoul in South Korean for three years.

Before that, he set out to enrich himself and grow his financial experience at Thomson Reuters and CICC in Beijing for over six years.

His latest role was in South Korea as CEO and Chairman in Tong Yang Asset Management whose AUM Asset Under Management is near 20 billion USD.

The University of Ottawa


Business School at Harvard University

Business Strategy

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