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At yYoung Is Wellbeing, we provide inspiration for those who seek a vibrant lifestyle in health care innovation and community development.

We believe that it is a fundamental right for every individual to enjoy optimal health. Caring for your health and wellness has several aspects, this is why we continue to grow and have several different divisions.

  • Medical Clinic
  • Pharmacy and Travel Clinic
  • Health Care Services
  • Premium Alkaline Water
  • Medical Supplies
  • Air Quality Care

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    yYOUNG'S Clientele

    yYoung currently serves the Metro Vancouver area. We offer consultations, support and services to various health care teams, group homes, assisted living programs, businesses and to the general population.

    Our Divisions of Service

    Clinical Pharmacy

    We are also a community pharmacy specializing in travel medicine, vaccines and immunizations, medication management policies and training for Group Home and Assisted Living Programs, and home medication administration by nurse.

    Medical Practice

    Offering telehealth such as virtual appointments and remote monitoring, as well as traditional in person consultations.

    Medical Lab Supplies

    Research and Development

    Importing and distributing medical devices; founded in 2020 during the peak of the pandemic.

    Consumer Nutritional Health

    Providing patients education on holistic healthcare and natural nutrition.

    Water & Air Care

    We offer water and air care services including point of use filtration systems and air purifiers.

    Distribution & Logistics

    Covering a broad range of communities throughout the Greater Vancouver Area and the Fraser Valley, our team ensures timely delivery of prescriptions, PPE, alkiss® Water & Aquazon™, and health and beauty products.

    News and Media

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    yYOUNG Group of Companies

    yYOUNG® Medical Clinic

    Providing quality health care and services within our community since 2019.

    yYOUNG® Pharmacy

    Customized solutions to deliver safe, effective and compassionate services across the healthcare continuum.

    Alkiss® Water

    Our water compliments a preventative medicine lifestyle, and we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

    Aquazon™ Appliances

    Affordable ways to remove the contaminants from your drinking water and purify the air at home or work. Clean and efficient energy powered by RUHENS™.

    yYOUNG® Medical Lab Supply

    Supplying ATSM Level 3 masks, gloves, eye shields and electrolyzed water disinfectant devices across the lower mainland.

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