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Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at YYOUNG®. We are constantly adding more FAQs  to this page, therefore  if you have a question that we have not yet answered feel free to email us at services@

Please visit our website at YYOUNG Pharmacy or email us at rx@yyoungpharmacy.com with your current pharmacy information and we will take care of all your medication needs.

For eligible patients, there is no fee charged for us to provide you with a medication review. Our pharmacists will also report back to your physician to optimize therapeutic outcomes and minimize adverse effects.

We offer free delivery of medications, over the counter products, PPE, and health and beauty products to the Greater Vancouver and Tri Cities area.

As a primary pharmacy for group homes, we are proud to offer our services at no additional fees to the various medication program services we can offer to your group home.

We are a local establishment that is large enough to have resources for developing new programs and providing innovative services, while still grounded enough to provide the friendly and responsive care that our patients have expected from us throughout the years.

One of our experienced pharmacists will be dedicated to your home and staff, so they will be familiar with the needs of your patients.

We customize policies to ensure they adhere to the College of Pharmacies guidelines, while catering to your group home requirements.

yYoung creates and facilitates medication training programs for your staff. This includes safe medication administration practices, documentation, storing of medications, and procedures for reporting errors. Aside from lectures, we can also incorporate hands on training, role playing and quizzes.

Contact us to discuss opportunities.

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