We want you to know and understand where your dollar goes! yYoung Is Wellbeing is a brand that focuses on synergistic relationships between health, unity, medicine, alkaline spring water, and nutrition.

These are all things we believe are an integral part of our holistic make up as human beings. In turn, we have given back and donated copious amounts of water, donations, and time to charities including BC Lung Association, BC Children’s Hospital, BC Cancer Foundation, Canadian Mental Health Association, and the Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run.

Mr. Leland Young

Owner and Founder

Our company yYoung® Wellbeing Inc. was founded in 2006 in loving memory of my father Henry Young. The stethoscope was the medical device used in my last communication with him. The stethoscope has since symbolized the endless binding promise of compassion and empathy we have for our communities, from our hearts to yours.

The domain name yYoung was created in 2006, 3 years before our first operations! The drive behind the birth of yYoung is the chrysalis and catharsis of both my Father’s dreams as well as mine. It is the marriage between his hopes for me to become a doctor, and my financial ability to realize my vision on a much grander scale. By creating and funding alkiss® water, and the medical and pharmacy services, I have provided opportunities to practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, program developers, IT, operators and patients alike. yYoung provides a dream with a sustainable future where from birth to palliative care, we are there every step of the way for our patients.

The small ‘y’ and large ‘Y’ in yYoung symbolizes experience mentoring innocence, holding hand in hand we strive to serve and empower global well-being. We are a lifestyle healthcare brand. We wish to reach as many people as possible. Living life to its fullest is true wealth!

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