Benefits of Therapeutic Counselling

Before the Covid pandemic, counselling was a widely utilized tool by many people for a plethora of reasons. However, with the onset of the pandemic, mental health has taken center stage next to Covid itself as a very serious byproduct of this awful disease. Counselling programs that are government-funded are currently overrun by this influx of need. Counselling helps in many areas by equipping clients with new coping skills, process changes through radical or gradual acceptance, and seek empowerment by addressing their concerns. 

Some issues counselling helps to manage, and tools counselling teaches are:

  •   Relationship challenges and conflict resolution
  •   Depression and anxiety
  •   Stress management

Anger management

  •   Developing boundaries and work-life balance
  •   Grief and bereavement

Coping with PTSD and trauma

  •   Self Esteem issues and low confidence
  •   Mindfulness or self-awareness
  •   Time Management and procrastination

Loss of focus

  •   Lack of motivation

 Our resident counsellor Heather Aikmen will listen cognitively and build customized coping strategies tailored to you for whatever your challenges may be. When in treatment, you do not have to worry about being interrupted nor judged. Heather is here to guide you through whatever you are navigating. Heather and the yYoung Team are here to help support you. At the risk of sounding cliche, we are all in this together. 

At yYoung, we understand that each person needs to find a counsellor they are comfortable with. The perfect fit if you will. We offer a FREE 10-minute consultation. Our prospective patients will meet our counsellor, Heather, to ensure that they are a good fit before starting their mental health journey with us. We are very confident you will stay with us; welcome to the family! We care deeply about our patients and believe that help should be accessible to all, which is why we have priced our services well below the average counselling fee aggregate and offer a reduced cost for students and group therapy sessions.

In group therapy, during a research study at UBC psychiatry, a phenomenon occurred that one psychiatrist dubbed “group magic.” This phenomenon occurs when the client feels a tremendous sense of relief that they are not alone. Many others are echoing their exact concerns and feelings. Also, they are all attempting to find a solution instead of isolating themselves and feeling alone and misunderstood. Group therapy enables a sense of community and commandery that promotes healing in a truly unique and wonderful way. This is an excellent alternative to one on one sessions.

 At yYoung, we view counselling as a road to self-discovery and healing; a path to self-awareness and healing. Understanding and acknowledging oneself is vital for evolving. We commend you for taking this first step towards recovery; we realize that it is a massive act of bravery to reach out and ask for help.






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