Benefits of Our Independent Pharmacy

Have you ever felt dissatisfied at a pharmacy or that the service wasn’t thorough?

We all deserve a high standard level of care, especially when it comes to our health. As a unique and independent community pharmacy, we believe in helping you get the most out of your visit with the least number of hurdles. Our goal is to offer you convenient and comprehensive care by getting to know you in a more personalized way, such as familiarizing ourselves with your medication regime to ensure we have stock on hand for your refills.

We also listen and take your feedback into consideration. As an independent pharmacy, we can easily cater our services and procedures to benefit you. We are flexible and constantly evolving based on our experience and the pulse of the community.

Do you ever leave the doctor’s office with a prescription and unsure of which pharmacy to go to? Maybe you are wondering which pharmacy is close by, which one can fill your script faster, or which one provides extensive services?

Well, this is one of the reasons why we decided to situate our pharmacies within our medical clinics. Since it’s all in one place, our patients don’t have to leave the building to get their health needs met. Not only can your practitioner fax or hand over the prescription to our pharmacists to be filled right away, but they also work alongside one another to ensure you receive optimal patient centered care.

As part of our holistic approach point of view, which takes your body as a whole into consideration for overall health, we felt it was important to offer low-cost clinical counselling to help address your emotional well-being.

Clinicians such as Pharmacists, Physicians, Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Counsellor all in one location? Now THAT is extensive!

We know your time and money are very valuable.

yYoung is proud to be able to provide all these services on site for you. This saves you time in several ways. On top of all that, we can also provide free delivery to your home! We want to be here to help support you in many ways, and quality service should be accessible regardless of finances, which is why we offer you free delivery, low cost counselling, and our pharmacists can even suggest generic alternatives to help you when needed.

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